Friday, July 24, 2009

We should set a higher standard

I APPLAUD the recent moves to regulate entry into the property agency business, but shouldn't there be a minimum academic qualification requirement for a would-be agent to take the regulatory examinations?

I do not think that an O-level certificate is a sufficient-enough minimum academic prerequisite for entry into an industry that deals with millions of dollars in client assets.

I would liken the estate agency business to the banking advisory business - only those armed with diplomas, degrees or higher professional qualifications are deemed sufficiently qualified to advise clients on structured products and investments.

Property is the largest investment and asset for most people and it seems almost ridiculous for agents to handle huge assets when they hold an O-level certificate and some easily-attainable estate agent's licence.

I feel that in order to make the property agency industry more credible and one for many to aspire to join, minimum academic qualifications such as A-levels, diploma or a higher paper qualification is needed.

James Chi Han-Hsuan

Source: Today, 24 July 2009

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