Friday, July 17, 2009

HDB's priority: Help those who need subsidised housing the most

I REFER to the letters by Mr Anthony Koh ('Scrap 2-year wait to buy flat to aid retirees', July 9) and Mr Patrick Sio ('HDB should review waiting time for ex-owners of private property', Forum Online, July 10).

New HDB flats are heavily subsidised and the board's priority is to help those who need such housing the most, such as those who are buying a flat for the first time and families who cannot afford private housing.

Hence, there is a 30-month waiting period for new HDB flats to ensure that former private property owners do not compete with families who have more pressing needs for subsidised public housing.

Generally, those who have sold a private property will have sufficient proceeds to consider various housing options. Those who do not wish to wait can purchase HDB resale flats. There is no 30-month waiting period for those who want to buy resale flats. They can also consider buying a studio apartment, if they meet the age criteria.

We thank the writers for their feedback.

Chan-Wong Jee Choo Lily (Mrs) Deputy Director (Policy & Property) for Director (Estate Administration and Property) Housing and Development Board

Source: Straits Times, 17 July 2009

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