Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skybridges not deemed part of condo's gross floor area

We refer to last Sunday's article, 'More condos let you walk on air', which reported that fully covered skybridges are considered part of a condominium's gross floor area, which is pre-determined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

The report elaborated that this means the floor area occupied by a skybridge could have been used for another apartment unit, giving developers additional income.

The article made reference to Lincoln Suites, that the space taken up by the skybridge could have been used for a $700,000 studio apartment.

Skybridges are not considered part of a condominium's gross floor area (GFA).

A covered skybridge that connects communal areas between two or more blocks, and serves as a communal passageway to facilitate the residents' movement at the upper levels is exempted from the GFA calculation of the development.

In the case of Lincoln Suites, the design of the skybridge includes both a passageway as well as an indoor gym.

As the gym functions more like a clubhouse facility and does not serve as a passageway to facilitate the movement of residents between the two blocks, it does not qualify for GFA exemption.

The remaining area of the skybridge is exempted from GFA just like other covered skybridges.

Han Yong Hoe
Group Director (Development Control)
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Source: Sunday Times, 29 Nov 2009

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