Monday, November 23, 2009

Development, but at what cost?

CHANGE is coming, but is change always a good thing? I read the report, 'Pasir Panjang Village Centre to go' (Nov 13), with great dismay.

I am a resident of Pasir Panjang estate, and for at least the past five years, there has been a slew of construction works around my home continuously. I cannot recall a moment of peace.

Every time a condominium is built, the piling and drilling noise is enough to drive me out my home. I am a student, and it is hard to find an ideal spot to study, especially during examination times. My parents are just as frustrated as they cannot stay at home to rest.

Also, Pasir Panjang Village Centre has always been a one-stop convenience centre for residents. We do grocery shopping at Cold Storage, dine at the restaurants and drop off our laundry at the laundromat.

Soon, the nearest amenities will be a good 10-minute drive away, in West Coast Plaza or VivoCity. Our family doctor will also have to move.

The reason we live in Pasir Panjang is for its tranquillity. 'Revitalising' the area with yet another development may not be in the best interests of residents.

Source, Straits Times, 23 Nov 2009

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