Monday, June 28, 2010

Industrial rents rise for first time since falling from peak in Q3 2008

Rents for industrial space rose for the first time after falling from its peak in the third quarter of 2008.

According to DTZ Research, average monthly rents of first-storey private industrial space rose 2.6 per cent quarter-on-quarter to S$2 per square foot, while upper-storey space rose 3.2 per cent quarter-on-quarter to S$1.60 per square foot per month.

Rents for hi-tech industrial properties, however, were unchanged at S$3.15 per square foot per month in the second quarter of this year.

According to Chua Chor Hoon, head of DTZ’s Southeast Asia Research, industrial rents are likely to continue to rise but at a slow pace given the stream of private industrial space coming onboard within the next 18 months.

However, hi-tech rents are expected to be largely unchanged due to a large amount of business park developments expected to be completed in the second half of the year.

Source: Channel News Asia, 28 Jun 2010

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