Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sheldon Adelson says…

Delayed opening

‘We are still on schedule for March 31. However, we lost a few days in October and November due to rain and a couple of bankruptcies of sub-contractors, so I suspect we will lapse over into the beginning and middle of April, give or take.’

‘I wish you guys would get off the delay thing. The delay thing is nothing. We’re not in it for a day or a week. We are in it for decades, so the delay of a day or week is meaningless… we’re not going to open until it is right, whether it is delayed or not delayed.’

‘There was nothing that we could control that I regret. Who would have known there would be a sand embargo?’

Dealing with the Government

‘Sometimes they are a pain in the behind… But I’d much rather have that in dealing with the Government, combined with the reliability and predictability and transparency of this Government. Whatever the Government tells you, you can bank on it.’

Rival Resorts World Sentosa opening first

‘This is sailing in unchartered waters. Mistakes will be made – by them or us. Let them open first, and we’ll see what mistakes they make and then we’ll correct them so we’ll make fewer mistakes. What’s wrong with that? I mean, you don’t get an award, you don’t get a gold star on your forehead for being the first one to open.’

High rollers will still come

‘Look at me. Do I look stupid? Do you think we put five and a half billion dollars in here because we didn’t check the market..? Trust me, there will be more high rollers than you can shake a stick at.’

‘There are so many high rollers. We have five plane-loads of… 747s flying, starting yesterday. They flew to Vegas with about a hundred high rollers. Two of the trips come from KL. One trip from Singapore, one trip from Bangkok, one trip from Jakarta and one trip from Hong Kong. They all say they’re waiting for Singapore to open.’

Source: Straits Times, 22 Dec 2009

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