Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on Joo Chiat’s clean-up

IN light of the upcoming ministerial community visit by Law Minister K Shanmugam, Joo Chiat Constituency yesterday gave an update on the success of its clean-up efforts and also announced that it will be promoting both active ageing and youth activism within its community.

In a media briefing, Joo Chiat MP Chan Soo Sen spoke on grassroots efforts to counter the incursion of karaoke pubs, massage parlours and budget hotels, which he said created a ‘sleazy environment’ along Joo Chiat Road.

Mr Chan estimated that the affected stretch, which used to be 700-800 metres in 2005, has shrunk to 50m today, thanks to efforts by the Joo Chiat Road Community Watch Group, which patrols the area once a month, as well as the lighting-up of back alleys to discourage shady activities.

In line with Mr Chan’s family-friendly vision for the neighbourhood are the myriad activities by Joo Chiat’s Youth Executive Committee (YEC), which has organised projects such as the 2009 President’s Challenge – Pledge-A-Smile. They are planning a ‘soft launch’ of their Youth Cycleabout interest group, which will combine cycling with heritage appreciation, to coincide with the visit by Mr Shanmugam, who is also Second Minister for Home Affairs.

Also, for the constituency’s ageing population, a wellness programme will be launched in April 2011.

Source: Business Times, 20 Apr 2010

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