Monday, February 1, 2010

No central registry yet to track agents’ errant behaviour

I REFER to last Saturday’s Forum Online letter, ‘Is there a code for property agents?’ by Miss Yusnita A. Raby.

PropNex Realty does not distinguish between agents who specialise in sale, purchase or rental transactions of residential or commercial property, when it comes to certification. The reason is that we feel that all agents, regardless of the area in which they specialise, need to be familiar with industry policies, practices and ethical guidelines.

The Common Examination for Salespersons and Common Examination for House Agents have been previously approved as acceptable entry-level qualifications for new agents, which is why PropNex Realty strongly encourages all agents to attain these certifications.

With regard to the minimal educational qualifications for new agents, we understand that the authorities are currently working on setting a standard to be applied.

Finally, concerning the employment of agents who have not declared commissions or submitted transactions before, there is currently no central registry that tracks such errant behaviour.

We hope that the new regulations to be announced by the authorities will implement such a central registry for greater monitoring of agents who have acted unprofessionally.

On our part, PropNex Realty has terminated the services of many agents who have not submitted transactions before. We do not condone such unethical behaviour and will not allow an agent to join us if we knew he had previously failed to submit a transaction.

If Miss Raby or any other members of the public have evidence of PropNex agents engaging in such unethical practices, we invite them to contact us via our website at and help us eradicate unprofessionalism in the industry.

Adam Tan
Corporate Communications Manager
PropNex Realty (subsidiary of P & N Holdings)

Source: Straits Times, 1 Feb 2010

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