Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three-floor ALT concept store opens in Heeren

TODAY marks the opening of the ALT concept store at The Heeren Shops on Orchard Road.

The shop covers three floors and takes up the space that was formerly the HMV music store. This space amounts to over 23,000 square feet. The price range for the store is 'moderate to the high side'.

The concept shop is split into three parts. ALT1, which covers the first floor, will feature ladies' shoes and accessories, make-up and beauty accessories, some of which are imported exclusively for ALT from Korea and Thailand. ALT2, which covers the second floor, features clothes and women's lingerie.

ALT3 covers the third floor and occupies over 12,000 sq ft of space. This floor presents a wider array of brands, and is categorised into many different zones throughout the level, such as novelty gifts, beauty and wellness, and lifestyle gadgets. It also features 500 sq ft of space dedicated to men's grooming.

The store brings together different brands throughout Asia such as Broadcast, a Shanghainese label targeted at females in their 20s and 30s.

'We are excited to have unique and exclusive brands at ALT, which will set the concept store apart from the others,' said Sosuke Nishiwaki, executive director of BHG Singapore.

With the exit of HMV, Heeren was looking for something 'fresh and alternative' when it approached BHG.

ALT was inspired by Japanese concept store LoFT and the idea had been on the drawing board for several years. When Heeren approached BHG, its management decided it was the opportune moment to turn the idea into reality.

BHG spent over a year researching consumer wants, behaviour and habits before finalising the design and concept.

The designer of the store is NODE, a retail specialist and subsidiary of Nomura Kougei of Japan.

With regard to rental, prices for the prime retail space at The Heeren Shops are now comparable to those in suburban locations. The rental price gap between Orchard Road and suburban locations has been narrowing due to the influx of supply in the Orchard area.

The concept store is targeted at people in their 20s and 30s as well as tourists. The shop is open every day till 10pm.

Source: Business Times, 8 Jul 2010

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