Friday, June 4, 2010

20,258 HDB owners register for subletting

THE HDB has announced that as of April 30, 20,258 owners have registered their subletting of homes with HDB. This figure includes those with tenancies commencing before and after Feb 1, 2010.

On Jan 12 this year, HDB announced that with effect from Feb 1, 2010, flat owners who sublet rooms in their HDB flats will have to register with HDB within seven days of doing so. They are also required to notify HDB when they renew or terminate their subletting contracts, and when there are changes to their subtenant's particulars.

This rule applied to all and existing cases of rooms sublets.

For new cases of subletting from Feb 1, 2010, owners are required to register with the HDB within seven days from the start date of subletting.

For subletting tenancies that commenced before Feb 1, 2010, owners are given a six-month grace period from Feb 1, 2010 to register their subletting with HDB.

HDB may impose a penalty on those who flout the rule. The penalty may involve a fine of up to $3,000 or, for recalcitrant cases, compulsory acquisition of their flats.

Source: Business Times, 4 Jun 2010

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