Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't let vice activities take root in Balestier

As a resident in Balestier, I find the recent increase in the number of budget hotels in the area alarming ('Budget hotels move in... then sex workers follow', April18).

There are at least eight such hotels on this short stretch of road. I often see young women (likely those working in the nearby KTV lounges) checking in and out of these hotels with men.

Please do not allow hotels in this area to charge hourly rates. We must not let vice activities, such as prostitution, take root.

We want our children to feel safe and be exposed to the right values - not be exposed to the sight of young women checking into these hotels with strange men.

I hope the authorities will conduct more raids on such hotels and impose stiff fines on offenders.

I suggest revoking the licences of errant hotel owners for a minimum of two years to ensure that they exercise more social responsibility in running their businesses.

John Tan

Source: Sunday Times, 2 May 2010

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