Monday, July 20, 2009

HDB has strict rules on renovation to minimise disturbance

I REFER to the letter by Mr Lau Kee Heng, 'Renovation works: Current HDB rules may not be effective' (July10).

The Housing Board's renovation guidelines are intended to balance the needs of the various stakeholders. HDB flats are freely transacted in the open market and most new owners need to renovate their flat for various reasons.

It would be unreasonable to impose additional cost on them or restrict their renovation to certain materials like parquet flooring. On the other hand, HDB recognises the need to safeguard the interests of residents in surrounding units who may be affected by the renovation.

Hence, the HDB imposes a strict set of renovation guidelines to minimise disamenities to other residents.

These include hiring only HDB-registered renovation contractors, informing neighbouring units of impending works and adhering to the renovation time frame.

Nonetheless, some amount of noise is inevitable in our high-rise environment. We seek the understanding and cooperation of all HDB residents - both the new flat owners, to abide by the guidelines, and their neighbours, to bear with the temporary inconvenience.

Should there be excessive renovation noise, residents can contact the HDB on 1800-2255-432 for assistance.

Ho Sein Yean Deputy Director (Housing Maintenance) Housing & Development Board

Source: Straits Times, 20 July 2009

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