Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grangeford owner gets court order to recover units

COVE Development, the property owner of Grangeford condominium in Leonie Hill, has obtained a court order to recover the 171 apartment units which were previously leased to Ideal Accommodation.

Ideal's former tenants who are still staying there have until noon next Wednesday to move out or Cove will apply for a writ of possession.

This is the latest in the long-running saga between Cove and Ideal, which have been tussling over tenants since Cove terminated its master tenancy agreement with Ideal last month.

This was after the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) had found that Ideal had illegally partitioned 140 apartments into 600 units for subletting and ordered the units to be reverted to their original state by June 3.

But Ideal told the tenants only a few days before the deadline, creating an uproar among those living there.

In a press statement posted on the Singapore Exchange website yesterday, Cove said it had been 'doing its utmost' to meet URA's deadline of July 27 to complete demolition works.

However, at the time of hearing of its court application on July 13, it had managed to recover only about 14 affected apartment units to carry out the works.

It had not been able to recover units still occupied by Ideal's former tenants who have 'shown resistance in vacating Grangeford'.

It declined to say how many more apartment units it has been able to recover since the hearing.

Source: Straits Times, 18 July 2009

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