Monday, March 2, 2009

Queenstown landlord posts details of errant tenant

SINGAPORE: With the worsening economy, more landlords could see their tenants defaulting on rents.

But one landlord in Queenstown has taken matters into his own hands by posting personal details of his errant tenant all over the neighbourhood.

The leaflets stated that this man had left suddenly without informing his landlord. He also allegedly made off with the housekeys and has not returned any calls. The landlord has since lodged a police report, but his leaflets can be found at nearby bus-stops and MRT stations.

Lawyers warned that this loanshark-style shaming tactic could amount to libel.

By posting leaflets without authorisation, the landlord could be breaking the law by defacing or damaging public property.

Instead, they suggest that landlords in such situations seek legal avenues of redress.

Source: Channel News Asia, 2 Mar 2009

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